Inside a Computer: Random-Access Memory (RAM)

When you have something “open” on your computer, whether it is a document, web browser, or a game, it has to be held somewhere. Everything on your computer is likely stored on hard drives (HDD), so why can’t the open programs just be held there? Well, the problem with HDD is they are slow, relative […]

Phishing: What is it?

Fishing (with an F) is something most people are familiar with. Take a fishing pole, bait it, cast your line, and wait for a fish to take the bait. Then you reel it in, and hopefully, you will have caught yourself an awesome fish. Fishing can be a relaxing hobby, a source of food, or […]

Malware: What is it?

Diseases can have serious effects on human beings. They can be a slight inconvenience, cause permanent damage, or even be life threatening. No one wants to get sick, but when we do, we do everything we can to take care of it. This same line of thought can be applied to computers as well. Computers, […]

NAS: What is it?

A network-attached storage (NAS) is a server (computer) attached to your network. Its job is to store files, and make them available to devices on your network. This allows files like pictures and videos, which if stored on a local computer would only be available on that computer, to be available from all your devices. […]

Fixed Wireless: What is it?

In the early days of the Internet, most people connected to the Internet via dial-up, over the phone lines. It was slow, and couldn’t be used at the same time as the phone. Dial-up was eventually replaced with more dedicated lines for Internet, such as digital subscriber lines (DSL) or cable. These are generally only […]

Local Area Network: What is it?

Most homes today are multi-computer homes. In addition to multiple desktop and laptop computers, many homes also have tablet computers and multiple smartphones. And, to add to that, many homes have various other “smart” devices: Rokus, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Fire Sticks, etc. And all these devices need an Internet connection to do what we […]

Digital Rights Management: What is it?

Have you ever needed to type in a long series of letters and numbers before you could install a video game or program on your computer? Or have you ever seen a message that says “you must be connected to the Internet to use this program”? If so, you have experienced a form of Digital […]

Inside a Computer: The Kernel

The kernel is a critical program for any computer to operate. It makes up the core framework of a computer’s operating system (OS). The kernel has unlimited access to everything in the computer, which it needs to manage the computer effectively. After the bootloader, it is the first program to to run when you turn […]

The Dark Web: What is it?

The dark web has become a popular topic of discussion, both on television and on the Internet. I have seen several companies offering “dark web protection”, claiming they can protect your information from being sold on the dark web. But just what is the “dark web”? The dark web is all of the websites and […]

Open Source: What is it?

You may have heard the term “Open Source” before and wondered, what is open source? What software is open source? How do I get open source software? More than likely, you use something that is open source every day. Open source, or more specifically open source software, is computer software that has been released to […]